An introduction



I thought I’d try my hand at blogging because I love to write, and in the past year I’ve learned to love to sew.

Just last year a make space opened up near where I live. Stitch Sew Shop has become my home away from home. I took a primer, and then took a class to make my very first garment in July 2016. After that garment, I was hooked. I bought my sewing machine in December from the lovely folks at Finch Knitting & Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA. Ever since then I’ve been a making machine.


Me, during a weekend workshop at Stitch! 

My sewing is very much at the mercy of my work schedule, which changes (a lot). I work as a producer for a morning news program – so sometimes I am working in the middle of the night and sleeping whenever I can. But I’m hoping to have regular posts on what I’m making and thoughts on various makes and whatever else I’m up to (usually it’s pretty crafty!)