Why Sandpiper Sewn?

It all started when I was trying to come up with a label for my handmade items. (It’s not official until it has a label right?) I was thinking about the excitement of digging into a new pattern, or finishing a garment and I asked myself: “When have you felt like this before?”

Immediately I thought back to a game my dad had me play as a kid …

Too scared to swim in the ocean, he taught me to “play sandpiper” and run up to the water’s edge while trying not to get my feet wet. Little by little I became more and more comfortable playing in the surf and eventually would spend all day in the ocean.

The experience reminds me a lot of sewing – being by my sewing machine is totally addictive, and I find myself wanting to dip my toe in and learn new skills all the time.


A little about me:

I live just outside the city limits of Washington D.C. I’m one of those rare kids who great up here, though I spent my college years in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. I started knitting in 2005 and I started sewing in 2016 – after taking a couple of classes at my favorite spot, Stitch Sew Shop in Alexandria, VA.

My husband, our spunky rescue Westie, Finn, and I live just a short distance away in a cozy little apartment near the Potomac River.

When I’m not sewing or knitting, I enjoy running on the many trails around D.C, trying out new restaurants, cooking, reading, and spending time at the beach.