Pattern Crush: Sallie Jumpsuit 

A few weeks back I signed up for a Sallie Jumpsuit class at Stitch Sew Shop. Kalle was kind enough to let me try her muslin on and I was immediately in love with the secret pajamas that were also surprisingly flattering.

The pattern, like all of Heather’s patterns, was really well written. The construction of the Sallie Jumpsuit as ingenious. And, save for the cutting (which always takes me longer than it probably should) this is a pretty quick make.

I actually love the Jumpsuit so much I wore it on my birthday. In the morning I went to Stitch and spent the day shopping for fabric (plus lunch with Lara). That night, I wore it out to dinner with my parents since hubs had to go out of town.

I stole this photo from Lara– but it’s a perfect Closet Case Patterns fangirl moment. Our friend Jessamy is wearing the Kalle shirtdress (isn’t it perfect?). Lara is wearing floral Ginger Jeans (I am jealous of that flower power denim!) and I’m wearing the Sallie. The three of us were actually in the Sallie class together, so it was great to catch up at Stitch over the weekend.

I loved the Jumpsuit so much that I wanted to make a dress! I bought this amazing and loud Pucci print from Stitch a few weeks back and it was perfect…save for the fact that it was a little narrow and I probably should have bought an extra half yard to handle the lining…I used a white light bamboo for the lining which worked out just fine. I probably should have picked something not so high contrast in case it peeks out.

Here’s a sneak peek of my birthday dress version. I’ll post real pictures of it soon. With Josh out of town, I didn’t have a photographer this weekend.

I have a feeling I will be making another Jumpsuit because it’s just too comfortable not to have more than one. I mean I have to have a back up for when one is in the wash…anyone else lazy when it comes to laundry?

Is there a pattern you love that you make multiples of?

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