Me Made May: Petal Pouch

Let’s talk about another pattern I get a LOT of mileage out of: the Petal Pouch by Noodlehead.

When it comes to bags, Anna’s patterns are always HIGH on my list.

I always think pouches are really useful – and they make great gifts/reusable gift wrapping. In fact, I have a feeling that I’ll be gifting a bunch of these, and can imagine them with a pretty ribbon tied around them.

But first I wanted to test the pattern out myself.

The petal pouch in action: at work! 

I used some leftover fabric for the exterior from my Have It All Wallet from Hawthorne Threads. It makes for a sweet matching set in my purse! The interior is some leftover Cotton + Steel I had from another favorite  bag project.

I made the large size pouch, and it has PLENTY of room. I am currently not making use of all of the space, but it would definitely have enough for a weekend away toiletries kit, or a tech pouch for chargers and the like. It’s a very useful size.

My only alteration when I make this the next time? I might try to use an exterior fabric with a little more body – like a canvas (maybe even a waxed canvas?). I had also thought about using some fusible fleece to help it stand up a little more. I also might try my hand at a jeans zipper, because I love the heft of them and the gold teeth always add a bit of luxe to the look of pouches.

The pattern is really well written. My stitching wasn’t perfect, but I’m okay with it as a first pass. My only major stumble was figuring out the darts, but I think that had more to do with my overnight working brain being a little sleepy.

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