Me Made May: Have It All Wallet

I’m participating in “Me Made May” – it’s an opportunity to showcase making garments and items yourself, instead of relying on ready-to-wear items. What I love about this is that when you make your own clothes or bags, you really understand the work that goes into them and you take care of them. You choose the materials, and I have found that this really helps me focus on making sure I use the fabric I buy effectively. If you want more info, you can read all about Me Made May in more detail here.

One thought I had about Me Made May was to feature some of my makes that give me the most mileage.

One of those has to be the Have it All Wallet  by Oliver + S.

This is a pretty great beginner project, my only true advice is to choose your heavy interfacing wisely. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)



As you can see, this wallet has room for all of the essentials, and plenty of pockets to stash cash, receipts, even room for a checkbook. (Does anyone still write paper checks?)

Ha. You can still see my yellow chalk pen marks! 

I used some fabric from Hawthorne Threads – it’s a collection of their own line of quilting cottons called Pura Vida  

The pattern calls for use of heavyweight interfacing to give the wallet some body. I used some very stiff sewn in interfacing I found at Joann and I wasn’t wild about it. Firstly, my machine had a lot of trouble sewing through it. (I have a Bernina 560, and I think this interfacing needed a sharper needle) I wasn’t really able to troubleshoot this issue, because I still don’t have that much experience working with bags and interfacing so I just kind of winged it. The pattern also suggests toptstiching around the edge of the wallet. I love topstitching because it gives things that nice, professional, finished look but that was not going to happen with my machine so I left it out.

I really love how this turned out, and I smile every time I open up my purse to grab my wallet.


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